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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Il minimo

All readers be aware: What follows next is a commercial break on this blog’s routine. I am going to need sooner or later pump spray sample bottles again and addressed this issue at my preferred supplier in Austria, being Oskar Karla. I can get them, within 4-5 weeks, no problem, but O. Karla is obliged to order 50’000 because their supplier sells in huge batches only. Meaning, I have to order thousands. This is the fate of being at the very bottom of the pump spray sample bottle food chain. Anyone interested in buying perfume sample bottles?.....

And here’s the break:

Annoyed of sampling your perfumes in cheap plastic sample spray bottles? Having nightmares of filling and assembling your perfume samples? Broken perfume sample pumps: Does this happen to your samples, too? Loosing customers because your perfume samples do not work? Here’s the end of your sample nightmares and lost customers. Invest in your perfume future today! Sampling was never so easy. Read what customers said about these amazing sample bottles: “I spent days filling my sample bottles and trying to fiddle in spray mechanisms! I got so many complaints because the spray mechanism broke and had to resend the samples. It almost was the end of my perfume business. But then I discovered A’s sample bottle! This is what I call reliable. Thank you A: You saved my business!”
And here they are, for the first time offered on this blog: Sampling was never easier. You are just two snaps away from safely sealing your precious perfumes in nice, shiny crystal glass and bring the joy of pump spray samples to your customers. You will love it! Broken fingernails and customer complaints are a thing of the past. Order now and see the smile on your customer’s face. It is amazing how much time you will gain using these high tech bottles. ”I never thought I would be able to prepare more than 100 samples a day. I spent days in the lab, leaving me no time to do what I like to do… creating perfumes. Then a friend showed me these bottles and ….they are so easy to use. I fill my 2 ml perfume sample and two clicks and I am done. Now I have time to do what I really like and I even got more sales because customers love my new sample bottles!”
Don’t hesitate: Make sure you use the best product for sampling your precious perfumes. By its highly antistatic surface the spray mechanism will vaporize your perfume precisely and efficiently. Its compact design is robust and reliable. No customer complaints about broken vaporizers anymore! “It must have been for years that I looked into perfume sample bottles. I never found a bottle that was easy to use, aesthetically appealing and reliable. Then I discovered A.’s sample bottles. They are beautiful and I got not one complaint since I changed. I even safe money by their generous discount policy.”
It is no miracle: Safe money now. You will not believe it! We made it possible for you to order your sample bottles for just 4 Euro cents per piece. Order today and we will give an extra January discount of 10%! Sampling was never more affordable!
Thanks to our aggressive discount policy we will safe your money. Just order 50’000 and you will qualify for an extra discount, so, don’t hesitate, just ask for your extra discount, now! Sampling was never easier. Just send an SMS to this number and the way you prepare your samples will change, for ever! +41(0)79 665 29 70

(some restrictions may apply, taxes not included, for technical questions send your questions in comment mode to this blog)


Blogger Heather said...

I would't want 50,000 - but sample bottles of which I have none would be very very very very welcome

So if your serious - you have a business buddy!


1:32 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Heather
with all humoristic aspects in between, there is still a little bit of truth in this post of mine. I will have to order "a few thousand" sample spray bottles. I am considering right now about around 3000. I am in the process of negotiation what delivery time I have to expect. I will show you what the sample bottles look like in Wilderswil or when I come to see you in February. If you are interested: We may have a deal! The price tag is 303 Euro per 1000 pieces. I will have to pay taxes and shipment on those. So, I guess the price tag in the very end will show something like 400 Euro per 1000 pieces.
How many would you be interested in?
Wow... we are moving into B2B blogging here....

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anya said...

Hi Andy
Isn't the math a little off? Are there any pictures of these to be viewed? You might consider announcing this on my group -- I'll bet you make the 50k minimum yourself ;0

Also, I wrote you privately the other day, and then noticed your email addy is bouncing on the NP group. Is stuff getting through to you privately? (you can answer this privately ;-)

6:22 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Anya
I will look into the bouncing. I had to reconfirm my e-mail yesterday. It happens once a week that I enter a bouncing problem....
The calculation: well....303 Euro per thousand is correct. I have no confirmation for the handling and shipment charges yet and sales tax either. Thus I thougt, I indicate a max number..... details may follow later.
I will post a picture here tomorrow, right you are! And I look forward to becoming the biggest perfume sample bottle seller in Switzerland ;-)

6:34 AM  

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