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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back from Vienna

For all those expecting great perfumery news from Vienna: I am sorry, Vienna was not perfumery related at all. As a matter of fact, there was neither time left to get anything useful in terms of perfumery done, nor was I able to connect to the virtual world. The last point, however, will soon be a thing of the past, I hope, in light of my waiting for the qtek9000. This little tech wonder tool will soon be mine and hopefully add to my virtual presence while travelling. On my way home yesterday evening I got a chance to quickly log in to my mail box on the airport and I downloaded one of those mails that keep me going. Iain, lovely customer from the UK, got a L’air du désert marocain as present and used my www.tauerperfumes.com website to give us feedback. Well, thank you Iain for your charming comments.

One, the only one, perfumery related issue the last two days was an article in the Sunday edition of the Austrian Kurier, featuring three women perfumers: Camille Goutal, in charge of Goutal since her mother’s death in 1999, Lyn Harris with her flagship store in the UK in Notting Hill, Keiko Mecheri, living in the US, in California to be more specific, and Jeanne Sandra Rancé, heading Rancé together with her son. Rancé seems a strange name from a German perspective for we have a word “ranzig” which describes the scent of rotten oily food…
Ms Mecheri’s creations sound the most thrilling, and she is said to create perfumes that are out of the ordinary, different to anything else. The article mentioned Loukhoum, a sweet perfume full of roses and honey. I must see that I can get hold of her creations.


Blogger colombina said...

Dear Andy,
Welcome back to the virtual world :-)
The story goes that Mecheri got the inspiration for many of her scents from Serge Lutens's scents. He was the first to create Rahat Loukoum, a fragrance based on that Turkish Delight candy. It is delicious indeed. (Better than Mecheri's vesrion, in my humble opinion).

6:07 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Barry
That's the problem with all this traveling.. no time form nothing. But as I have just mailed privately.. there will be some time over the weekend to relax and spend a fortune for shoes and shirt and more....

Dear Colombina
Thank you for your personal opinion. Well.. I guess I have to try both....

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Got to agree with columbina, the Lutens to my nose (when it's working), is far less sickly smelling than Mecheri's.

We also have a similar word for fat/grease that has gone off...rancid.

Glad you got back safely, just a pity that you couldn't go to the Knize boutique, the home of your favourite Knize Ten.

12:51 PM  
Blogger marlen said...

Let me chime in and third the vote for SL over KM...I have greatly enjoyed exploring fragrances from all of the houses mentioned in today's entry and my personal favorites from these hosues would be Eau de Sud from Goutal (a heady brew of limes and herbs), Paname from KM (a winning vetiver scent), Terre d'Iris from Miller Harris (opulent iris) and Eau Sublime from Rance (lime and iris!)...

5:49 PM  
Blogger Victoria said...

Well, I will choose Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum over the Serge Lutens. Hers is more powdery sweet, his is more like cherry pipe tobacco. The SL is more unisex, yet I know a man who loves and wears the KM. :O) Victoria

10:38 PM  

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