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Friday, December 09, 2005


The nose still is not there yet. Therefore, this little story that follows happened a long time ago….

Once upon a time there was a perfumer living happily at the foot of a green hill with little houses that were all clean and tidy. He lived in a wealthy country where people were safe and could spend their days in warm and dry office buildings worrying about things that are not important. In his house our perfumer boy was surrounded by scents from all over the world. He collected the scents over the years with what he could spare from his daily life. He was a happy perfumer boy. Every time when a smiling UPS man arrived at the house, his heart would start to beat like the heart of a little mouse being chased by a hungry cat. He would send a smile back to Mr. UPS, sign for the parcel, unpack the cardboard box and start sniffing and rubbing his hands with new delightful oils. And he would dream childishly of new fragrances he could make, mixing this and that, and bringing perfumes to the world that would make women weak and would make men suffer.

One day our dreaming perfumer was fortunate enough to find what he was looking for and he bought a perfume that was older then himself. Even older then his mother. And he waited for a long time for the friendly UPS man to knock at his door again. It was a time of wait and see.

Finally, after weeks of anxiously awaiting the promised bottle from a place far away, a simple glass bottle it was, filled to the top with fragrant treasure, he would find answers to questions never asked. He smelled the concentrated perfume which was so delightful that he couldn’t stop. He smelled all day long, discovering every aspect from the very start to the last traces, following a story that developed in front of his nose which was breathtaking. And at the end of the day he knew his mission. He needed to create a perfume that would be as good, as brilliant, as joyful, and as pretty as the one he discovered that very day.
He lived on happily thereafter with a mission in his heart.

If you want to plant a tree in your garden, you have to watch old trees first.


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

What a lovely story to wake up to on a cold and frosty morning.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Ylva said...

Well, boy do I recognise the feeling when a new package of fragrant materials from allover the world arrives. At start I ripped into them on my way from the mailbox (or sometimes "post" office= the store that have taken over the role of doling out packages from the SMS), but nowadays I keep myself in suspence and wait to open them, until after the rest of the mail is gone through:-D

But every time I'm struck with the same deep happines and joy, teamed of with a bit of collectors madness and greed and I wisper: "My prrrecioussssssss" and store the most valuable and rare things into my treasure chest.

PS I have now managed to get the shopping cart funtioning = hurray!

12:00 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Great, congratulation! What shop solution do you use?
You must tell us the link,when it is ready...promise?
I wish you a nice day

12:27 AM  
Blogger boisdejasmin said...

I agree with Barry! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. It is really a joy to visit your website.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Anya said...

Yes, Andy, nothing like studying the classics for insight. An analogy could be made to the roots (base notes), heart (trunk w/heartwood) and top notes (canopy with leaves). The canopy framework and leaves (in season) can tell us from far off what is there (it announces the tree as does a top note announce a perfume.) The sturdy trunk joins the top and roots, acting, with its cambium layer as transport, moving the fluid essences up and down in a dance. Then the roots, solidly anchoring it, give it the base, the ability to sustain.

Trial, endurance, observation. Yes, that's what it's all about.

My lovely Dracena fragrans, clipped by the last hurricane in late October, is currently singing its narcotic floral song now, as it will do all night, scenting the neighborhood. I will go inhale deeply of its molecules, as complete as any gorgeous perfume, for inspiration. Then I'll clip them and tincture them! LOL.

2:51 PM  
Blogger slave2love said...

Andy- just have to ask - what , was , the special perfume that was older than your mother???

5:20 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear S...... I knew someone would ask. Please allow me to make a little mistery out of this.....sooner or later you will realize it eventually in one of the few perfumes that I realistically will ever manage and dare to bring to the world.
Dear A
Yes, Trial, endurance, observation and... modesty, allowing oneself to be pleased with a creation that may not be out-of-this-world (I do not mean Alien perfume by Mugler....)

I wish you all a sunny, scent-filled weekend.

7:16 AM  

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