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Monday, November 28, 2005

Trickling down …the drain

Yesterday’s comments by Heather on my rose post made me smile: I linked her lines instantly with an article that I got from a dear friend of mine; an article which was dealing with several aspects of modern perfumery. Such as the most expensive perfume (bottle) with pearls and stuff by Clive Christian that seems to sell quite well. A fact I find rather astonishing as the perfume itself is entirely ignored compared to the packaging. But celebrities such as Mr and Ms UK football (let’s call them the B’s) bought it respectively their custom made perfume bottles for this most expensive perfume. Obviously Mr and Ms B. weren’t entirely convinced by the celebrity perfume that carries their name and was launched a while ago….. Or it was the other way round: Having bought this exquisite custom made perfume bottle with this exquisite scent, they looked down the masses and figured out a way how they might share their fragrance pleasure with us. Well, be it.

The link I made was Heather’s comment on soaps with rose absolue (bad, bad, bad, waste of a treasure, sacrilegious …): In the article the author mentioned the problematic fact of Trickling-Down. Sooner or later, and the longer the sooner, modern fragrances find their way from high-end perfumes to articles such as bathroom cleaning tools or worse. Trickling down translates into finding your 2005’s expensive eau de toilette scent in your 2008 dishwasher tabs. And suddenly you wonder why your 50 $US perfume containing miracle fruits such as wild pink mango from Bangladesh highlands and exotic woods such as east Mongolian Pepperwood seems to be everywhere; deodorizing your household to a degree that finally urges you to find peace for your nose by spraying odour eating molecules…


Blogger Heather said...

well thank you for a reciprocal smile Andy - how true everything you say and you spelled sacrilegious right too (ouch!)

I didn't know about the infamous Bs and the perfume bottle - but apparently I am lead to believe from blind testing that Mr B's fragrance is better than passable and very wearable.

I can't imagine however having trained to be a perfumer - to then have to earn my crust making up suitable fragrances for a toilet duck! How depressing would that be?

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Ylva said...

Ditto on the last part of your comment Heather.
There lays the reason I don't dream of taking the full year cource at Prodarome, but settle for the summer school. Imagine having 1) found the guts to make an 180 degr turn in midlife 2) ending up with making new Glade fragrancess, cause the big perfume houses only hire eager, youngish people...

This way I can keep my dream forever :-D

8:14 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear H: I can't either. Though one has to admit that the job of making a nice smelling toilet duck is really hard due to all the rough chemicals and the harsh environment in a toilet bowl....
But for sure....that's not my vision either. hehehe.
I remember reading in Guy Robert's book on perfumery his answer to an american interviewer asking what his biggest commercial success was....a laundry product which was perfumed and sold by tons....

But still: No toilet duck job for me!
Have a scented evening

8:23 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

as a ps to my last comment Andy - I had to nip into town today and decided to have a scent strip of Mr Bs 'intense' - I take it all back - its horrible, cheap and nasty.(however it wasn't exactly cheap in the purse!!)

9:16 AM  

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