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Friday, November 25, 2005


Yesterday’s post was on Sandalwood and today’s post is about time and constellations. Time: It somehow does not exist, being a construct of little value. Yet, it imposes heavy constraints on us.

I started writing this post on the train, after a day flooded with meetings that are part of a decision making process and that seem to pop up in my agenda like waves coming from far away places, finding their way to the beach, rise in a moment to a short climax and disappear into nothingness. Well, you guessed right: It was a difficult day with difficult meetings. And it was a day entirely not devoted to perfumes and perfumery.

Almost. There was a moment, buying cheese over lunch for a Fondue in the evening, when for a short moment scents became relevant: I discovered Lavender syrup but did not buy it. ….Which already now makes me feel sorry because I really wonder what it tastes like. I missed the moment, the window in time and space when this syrup popped up and I wonder how many important moments there were in my live when something popped up and I missed it.

Or looked at it from the other way: To which extend are we there where we are just because an unlikely constellation of people, places, ideas and situations arose and lucky us, we did the right thing. So, let’s hope for the next lucky constellation when working on the leather theme again, peacefully without any meetings ahead….


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Fingers crossed for your leather scent!

Not seen any lavender syrup but there is a store in a city close to where I live that sells lavender chocolate...absolutely beautiful.


9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anya said...

Hello Andy:
There is no reason you cannot make lavender syrup yourself. Merely make, or buy simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar boiled) and add a few drops of lavender essential oil when it cools, stir well. I adore the floral sweetness of Buena Vista from Oregon, or, if he still has it, the South African organic one from whitelotusaromatics. Always angustifolia/vera for the taste, of course. You can make any flavored syrup this way.

I also steep lavender buds in milk to make custard. Hungry yet?

As far as the constellations swirling in synch, giving you meditations on time and space, well, that is very much a part of the perfumery process, yes? ;-) The confluence of aromatics, people, opportunity, deadlines, waiting...wondering "where did the time go?" LOL!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anya said...

Forgot to mention about the leather note -- Arctander only groups leather/phenolic odor sources: amber oil, crude, birch tar oil, rectified, cade, and the obvious: tinctures of leather. I've seen your working formula, and I don't think you use any of these, lol! You're off on your olfactory journey, and it sounds wonderful. Basenote lover me would start with a leather tincture, but that's because I tincture practically anything, and I tend sometimes to go for the literal before the springboard thematic.

Any old shoes or belts lying around, Andy?!

6:48 AM  

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