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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I still lack my smelling bud entirely. Yesterday evening at the Thai restaurant there was a glimpse of hope when eating my extra hot green curry, but the Chile Chardonnay found its way to my inner organs without leaving any sensual impact. So, it is a paper day again.

For you, my dear readers, this may sound boring, but I like doing it: Print out the flyers, double sided, of course manually by flipping the pages, and then fold the A4 twice and put it on a pile. Well, to be honest with you: It is not that my heart would sing and that I would sit on my office chair with tears in my eyes joyfully playing with the paper. It is more like “Ok, time to dream”. The thoughts will probably wander soon from my impaired physical existence to the event for which the flyer is intended (scent apéro in 10 days) and the people I will meet there. I will stroll around mentally and probably write down some anecdotes around Le maroc pour elle. Like one of the feedbacks I got from my peer customer group (consisting of 5 or so customers)…. One feedback was really funny…. “Smells like wet sheep” corrected after the head note evaporated into a more specific statement “no, its not sheep, it’s fish, old fish”.
Well, Le maroc pour elle survived the review untouched and I am glad. But I loved the comment for its honesty and crystal clear statement about an animalic touch that definitively is there.
The flyer aims at preventing a similar massacre at my scent apéro, telling my valued customers with a few words what the rose absolute, the jasmine absolute and the cedarwood essences are and how these scents are integrated into the composition. I want to have it printed black on pink: No sheep in there!
Pictures: Flyer front and flyer back.


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