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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

P=f(t)*z(p) + a*(∑Yi√t/x) (i=1 to n) + b*(∑Zi√t/v) (i =1 to n)

Today I want to write a little post about multidimensional and relative scents, fitting nicely with the Einstein year coming to an end soon. I visited the Einstein exhibition in Berne which really was worth visiting as it explains not only the science and the scientist, but also lay out the historical context of pre-war and war – foolish Europe, and some biographical details are explained as well. Some of Albert’s private particulars were rather amazing, like the way he dealt with his (many) wives or his socks phobia (he didn’t wore socks for whatever reason). The science is amazing, too. I will never be able to thoroughly grab some of his physic; lucky me: I still function appropriately in time and space applying Newton physics to handle my daily environment.

Now, scents are not really relative in Einstein’s sense, but there is a relativity that I find intriguing when composing a fragrant picture. Let’s take Cedrylmethylketon, one of my favourites, finding its place at the base of L’air du desert marocain. There, it is part of the delicate ambra accord. But this ambra quality of Cedrylmethlyketon is relative and does not emanate under all conditions. You have to finely tune the conditions that will allow it to be present. With different boundaries set, only the cedarwood aspects or an iris facet will show. This makes things interesting but difficult, too.

Where we come closer to Einstein’s relativity of time is the next challenge: The perception of a scent within time. By setting the right scent gravity centres in a fragrance composition, it is possible to change entirely for how long a scent is observable. Of course: Within limits, as a scent like Geraniol will remain a fast evaporating compound. Fixatives work in that sense, fixing scents, prolonging their perception, being little gravity centres that slow the scents diffusion. Therefore, the perfumer has to think relative, and by taking this relativity into account the perfumer sets when you smell what for how long. Difficult….


Anonymous Ylva said...

I would be totaly lost in Eisteins precense - physicaly or spiritualy, since if there is one science topic that is beyond my understanding - it's physics. Ha, and one of my BIL is a professor in some lasertechnology niece and isone heckof a teacher, but I still don't get "it".

On the synthetics - let's just say I'm happy that I don't use them, because figuring out how much to use in what blends, would probably drive me to distraction ;-)

As always I enjoyed todays post, even though my brain is a bit muddled.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

ooh Andy - I'm glad I can leave all that stuff to you to sort out!!

I'm way too girly for all that science!


8:17 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Oh my Andy, I'm glad that I didn't read your latest blog post before I went to work this morning. Glad also that I don't have to worry about the evaporation rates of various aroma ingredients. I just enjoy the finished product.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Oh, wow. You realize what this means? As space travel approaches the speed of light, the passage of time will slow down. That means that on-board scents will consist entirely of top notes ... I think.

7:25 PM  
Blogger andy said...

I think, too, Bill, but so far without definitive answer. But for sure.... an intriguing thought!

6:55 AM  

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