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Friday, December 16, 2005


Back from Brussels which is larger than you would think. Yesterday's challenge was primarily a logistic one, how to move myself from one corner of the town to the other, using public transport, then, after 5 hours, how to get transported to the airport again. The first part was kind of funny, because the bus driver who was supposed to tell me when to get out of the bus, forgot about me and I had the pleasure to travel twice across Brussels by bus. Probably, he lost me of his event horizon because I had my grey business suit on, which is my stealth suit, allowing me to disappear in the mass of other grey business mice....The taxi ride to the airport was smooth but challenged by a charming driver trying to have a conversation in French about materialism, christmas and unemployment. Bringing these issues together makes sense if you start thinking about it, but still... my French is just too ......faible....
Back in Zurich, we had to see that I get my four wheels with gasoline motor, move to the place where I was born a while ago and where my mom still lives, get her into the car, drive to a private meeting to discuss issues with her doctor and back again and then back to Zurich, where my body arrived in shape, with my spirit still trying to find its way back home. (It finally arrived, but two hours later.....)

To come to the end of this post: I bought Antaeus pour home (Chanel) and the Dior Home at the airport's duty free, but I was too tired to imerse myself into these scents in the evening. I will present my thoughts about the two fragrances later. Just a last word about Antaeus: I bought it because I like it and .... because I used to cover myself from head to toe with the stuff back inthe days when I was still innocent.....


Blogger Heather said...

I used to buy Anteus for my ex because I used to like it - it didn't do him any favours - but then looking back - a whole bucket of pheromones wouldn't either!!

Happy splashing


2:55 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

I used to like Anteus too when I was innocent...tee hee!

it's funny that you've mentioned it Andy because a couple of days ago there was a thread on POL about it.

8:36 AM  
Blogger andy said...

I just read the thread on
Perfume Of Life
. Nice coincidence. I definitively have to check the Perfume Of Life world more often!
Thank you

11:20 PM  

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