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Saturday, October 08, 2005


(dead or alive? an interesting query to many companies)
You find survival strategies in nature that are just amazing. Some animals (when hunted) pretend to be dead since years therefore rendering themselves totally unattractive to any hunter in search of fresh yummie meat.
You would not think this pattern is a reasonable option and strategy for any business being faced with happy customers asking to buy stuff from them. Yet, these companies exist, the look awfully dead and they might be much more alive than you would guess from their non-existent life signs like answering e-mails or feed-back forms. I am faced with such a dead company corps lying in front of me on my computer screen and I will have to try reanimating this poor thing, scare to death almost due to my e-mail queries, by repeated phone calls or fax. Funny enough, there are companies like Givaudan, that never answer anything, but still, they put me once on their e-mail newsletter for new chemicals that I should consider buying. But, when trying to get a sample for a new chemical.... forget it, which is kind of funny....)

We will see what approach might work to convince Polarome
(with their European Headquarter for sales basically next door, just 100 km away) that I am completely harmless to them, even if the finally decide not to sell anything.


Blogger slave2love said...

y'know Andy, don't give up on Givaudan yet...
I requested samples from them, and several months went by without a word... I had written them off, when suddenly out of the blue I got an email saying the samples were en route. Still, a strange way of doing business, you are right.
Quest, on the other hand were extremely prompt.

1:44 AM  
Blogger andy said...

thank you ...hope dies last....
Some companies are really promt, and maybe I should right more about them....

1:01 AM  

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