Lonestar Memories: Colombina on Perfumesmellingthings. (...)Lonestar Memories makes me want to escape the mundane confines of my everyday world(...)

Lonestar Memories: Katie on Scentzilla. (...) Lonestar Memories smells of the examined life. Inside there is joy, and there is tiny heartbreak, e xisting only in reverie. The scent unravels into the consideration of past experiences, and pinings for future joys and heartbreaks(...)

Lonestar Memories: Marlen Harrison's review on PerfumeCritic.com (...) If you're a lover of leather or richer wood fragrances, this is gonna be a holy grail scent and in that case, better get two bottles.(...)

Lonestar Memories: Cait Shortell's review on Legerdenez. (...) Do you appreciate scent because you identify with the scent and its image? Does a scent have the ability to create a memory outside one’s own experience?(...)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sources of inspiration

A truely inspiration oriented weekend so far and every bit of it might be worth a blog note.
So we start with what will follow next week:

Next week I tell you more about Knize Ten, Royal English Leather by Creed and Gomma by ETRO, a teaser beforehand: All three are much more inspiring than riding horses with coughing Marlboro man....

And yes: I was in the Osswald Parfumery again, visiting Mr. Abt and his crew, entering this dreamland for all perfume lovers and getting his advice and many many samples for perfumes which will soon end up on this blog. By the way: If riding on horses for inspiration with someone then with Mr Abt....

And then there was Vero, my dear friend, critic and perfumer herself. We had lunch together after meeting in the shop Medieval art & vie (see picture, ain't it lovely in downtown Zurich?) and there was so much to exchange in terms of ideas and critics. With Vero, the hours passed as always too fast and I rushed home, full of ideas and motivated to move on. Thank you Vero!

And then there was a wonderful diner with the shop owner and friend, Pascal and his friend. One of the main topics there: Our free little add we got in the "Schweizer Illustrierte", in their shoping guide. (250'000 copies are printed each week). Feels great and kind of inspires to do more in the direction.

This weekend's conclusion: There's enough inspiration now, maybe it's time for some transpiration...


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