Lonestar Memories: Colombina on Perfumesmellingthings. (...)Lonestar Memories makes me want to escape the mundane confines of my everyday world(...)

Lonestar Memories: Katie on Scentzilla. (...) Lonestar Memories smells of the examined life. Inside there is joy, and there is tiny heartbreak, e xisting only in reverie. The scent unravels into the consideration of past experiences, and pinings for future joys and heartbreaks(...)

Lonestar Memories: Marlen Harrison's review on PerfumeCritic.com (...) If you're a lover of leather or richer wood fragrances, this is gonna be a holy grail scent and in that case, better get two bottles.(...)

Lonestar Memories: Cait Shortell's review on Legerdenez. (...) Do you appreciate scent because you identify with the scent and its image? Does a scent have the ability to create a memory outside one’s own experience?(...)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Ms unknown

There is another note I have to post which is not related to perfumery at all. It is about a wonderful woman, sitting mostly in a wheel chair, in the midst of Zurich’s main station, there where everybody is rushing by to catch the next train, to hurry to work, to go home. She may seem weird but she isn’t. She has a mission on this world. She is sitting there, her legs covered with blankets, her head seems to be too heavy for her neck, maybe it is the weight of a whole world she is carrying; thus she is following the crowd since years gently from below. Her mission is to take care of the trains and passengers; she is praying and healing by just being there. This is her mission: Gently making sure that nobody gets hurt and finds his way. Whenever I pass by here, I feel how her presence is keeping myself and fellow travellers safe and guarded. Thank you Ms unknown.


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