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Sunday, August 28, 2005

scents and reproductive state

Science is great stuff and now we seem to have proof that women have quite different smelling sensitivities depending on their reproductive state. A study has shown that women smell androstadienone (a scent found in the sweat of men) much better while being in fertile state, on the other hand they had much higher sensitivity for rose scent while being in infertile state.

Which makes sense: In hunt for the brave partner and co-creator of your future babies you need to be sensitive for man scent. Once this job of yours is done and finished, you may care for flowers and food....

Unfortunately, the study's abstract makes no indication on the selectivity of men's noses and it does not really indicate whether women like the scent of androstadienone....

Study by: Johan N. Lundströma, b , Martha K. McClintockb and Mats J. Olssona

aDepartment of Psychology, Uppsala University, Box 1225, SE-75142 Uppsala, Sweden
bInstitute for Mind and Biology, University of Chicago, Chicago, 940 57th Street, 60637, IL, USA


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