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Monday, August 29, 2005

Marketing diner and more

Perfumery is a lot about anything else than actually creating perfumes. But there is a fun part to this, too, like having diner. The marketing diner with Pascal on Friday evening was very nice and professional. I wanted to talk to him outside of his shop to have time to think. We were thinking and eating, starting with a wrap-up of the impact that the free publication in Annabelle had (see picture, upper left corner), and what we want to get done in terms of marketing.
We still hope to get more into the news (lucky Eie Flud with the BBC4 broadcast!) and we have some ideas that we will follow in the next weeks and months. The highlight being a scent apéro: We will present our two perfumes in the context of the natura scents from Morocco that form it, at least partially. Meaning: We will present the rose absolue, the jasmin, the petitgrain, the cedarwood, .... as individual scents and give the customers the possibility to find out the individual traits in the composition. At this event, I will have the opportunity to talk a little bit about perfumery and the perfume lovers may find a deeper insight into the perfume "Le maroc pour elle" . I love this idea. This late afternoon apéro will also be the ideal opportunity to present "l'air du désert marocain" to a broad public. I am already now getting nervous, trembling hands,...


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