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Saturday, September 03, 2005

truly his

A short post on an idea that I carry around since a year now. I want to create a truely male fragrance, named true, with a picture for the campaign approximatively like the one to the left.

My dream is to finally come up with a composition on Birch tar. One of my favourites to work with, memories of me and my brother, making a little fire in the woods close to where we live, a first cigarette, there is something earthy in Birch tar, something very vibrant, radiant, powerfull and so ...male!.... but (poor little me) for me personally one of the most difficult scents to incorporate.

I want TRUE to be truely pure and simple, very male with a core full of birch tar and a base which is woody, soft and harsh together and warm and....

I started to work on this scent a long time ago and still am nowhere close to the end. Maybe I need an inspiration: Riding together with the Marlboro men in Arizona for a couple of weeks.


Blogger slave2love said...

Hey Andy, great to have discovered your blog today. I'm trying to learn how to make perfumes too. :)
Re: the birch tar, would you use Castoreum for this?

8:54 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear S
Thank you for your comment.
The birch tar string: Yes Castoreum is one line I am trying to follow (using Biolande's castoreum Artessence), but of course, I also use Birchtar from Essencia, which is rectified and therefore allowed in perfumery.
Furthermore, I am right now following a story line for the leather note which goes like that:
Top: Green geranium-lavender-galbanum-rose
Middle note: Orange flower, cedarwood (texas), leather (with birchtar,castoreum, chinoleins, cresylates)
Base: Woody accord (sandalwood, vetiver story) with Tonka beans, hints of vanille and amber (just a little bit)
But... it will be a long way to completion of this note.

4:05 AM  

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