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Monday, July 25, 2005

Santa Claus

Thinking about a Christmas scent. While jogging on Sunday afternoon, with jogging being one of the best sources for good ideas, I came up to the conclusion that I have to start now at the latest to design a Christmas perfume. Actually it is already pretty late for such an endeavour, but at least we can try. Endorphin flooded from jogging for almost 2 hours, the thoughts went from here to there, ending with the question what Santa Claus might smell like. My friend was confident that Mr. Santa smells a lot like Rudolf, the famous reindeer which is Santa’s faithful companion on his visits to happy families. Right now in summer time, Rudolf may live happily for himself somewhere in a wild forest, or he may do his exercises in reindeer gym to get physically built up for the coming season, who knows. But once Christmas is around the corner, Rudolf and Santa have quite some business together. Thus, Santa might well carry a whiff of Rudolf reindeer furry scent with him. Working in his handcraft shop on the huge sledge, which will carry all those neatly wrapped presents in December, Mr Santa will carry on a touch of timber and sawdust, too. Now mix this with his lavender after-shave, the bouquet of the fresh cut spruce, the scent of fresh ginger cookies, and the fragrance of his forest cabin, soaked with uncounted memories of winter evenings where the smoky heat of the fireplace fought against the arctic cold of Santa land. This is Santa’s personal fragrance. For sure!

But I think I will rather stick to the classical cinnamon, cardamom, clove and frankincense ingredients which will be less authentic but more recognisable. Although: It might be quite a challenge to work on this reindeer touch. (more to follow…)


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