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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

lush in zurich-stinky shop?

I just read the news today in the newspaper, that the Lush shop in downtown zurich runs into troubles with the neighbours.
The article says that neighbours are complaining about the Lush shop stinking. -
I think, two basic issues come up here: 1. scents may be sensed quite differently by different people in different situations. What is a nice scent for one, is a nightmare for the other. The same holds true for perfumes, the consequences for making perfumes are tremendous. How do you balance an assembly of scents? In a way that will not offend people. I think one key issue is concentration. And balance. And the use of natural compounds extending and smoothening the harder, aggressive synthetic compounds. Something to think about...
2. The use of synthesized scent compounds is tricky. Too often, they are too strong, not bound into a larger scheme. This might well be Lush's problem: Onyl using artificial, synthetic compounds without balancing with natural complexity. And this, by the way, is the issue with most newly launched perfumes, too. About this point, I will come back.


Blogger Heather said...

Lush pump synthetic fragrance from their air conditioning unit at the front door thereby making the front of the street smell - everyone knows they are appoaching Lush because they smell it before they see it.

I can understand how the neighbourhood feels - Lush are clever marketers but I don't like their products particularly and I HATE it when people say that Eie Flud is 'just like Lush' - NO WE ARE NOT!!

I'm going to stop posting now Andy!!

2:27 AM  
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