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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Trusting our senses-but which one?

If you think you can trust your senses in dating business, well: Think again.

Finding the right partner for live is a tricky issue for many reasons. Although our species was quite successful in multiplying and occupying almost every ecological niche there is on planet earth, the valid choices are quite limited. For obscure reasons the hunt for the right one is like trying to find a banana in communist Germany Democratic Republic. You know there must be lots of fruits around but they never appear on the market. So, you end up eating apples.
And then: How many right ones are there? It might well be that the given number of true choice you have is quite limited and chances are, you will never meet. Or never meet in the right circumstances. Maybe, your genuine choices shrink down to a hand-full of candidates. Statistically, it is a low-number-game and modern tools to extend your hunting ground do not make things better. The number of candidates that pass your event horizon may increase by hooking your laptop on to Starbucks WLAN and screening your preferred flirt platform. Yet, the larger the herd of zebras is, the greyer and dull they seem. Which is the zebra’s trick, by the way, to turn off lions.
Leavingzoology and statistics and returning to the real problem: You may well meet the right but and not even realize it! As a matter of fact, I am convinced this is the standard scenario.
And thanks to modern science we get the rationale for it. Research has shown a while ago that our nose gives us quite straightforward signals whom to pick and whom to leave. It is the Major Histocompatibility thing. We smell a person’s scent and are attracted (subconsciously, of course) or not, depending on the Major Histocompatibility class. The more different to our own class, the better. This is nature’s trick on us, ensuring that we pick the right one with the right genetic variety to produce healthy off springs. And, it does not really matter whether we care for passing on our genes or not; we just happen to discriminate based on our sense of smell.
Contrary, a recent study showed, that based on our vision sense we find people the more attractive the more similar they look to us. It basically cooks down to: You really like the look of your cousin, but you just can’t smell him or her.
So, what to do? Well, go for the one looking gorgeous and wearing Dior’s Eau Sauvage!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting! But I beg to differ. There IS one thing that is even harder than finding a life mate; finding a business partner! Especially in a non-tech/med industry such as product design or fragrance. Trust me, I know! I mean think about it; in a mate, you seek compatibility, etc. In business you seek that and more, especially if you're seeking an operational partner.

5:33 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Well, then... I must have been very lucky. I have a good friend since many years who (by chance) became a business partner. But I guess you are right: In the end you might share more with your business partner than with your life mate...

6:57 AM  

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