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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lara would wear musc ravageur

Dr. Schiwago. I never read the book, but I have seen the movie many times; this wonderful, touchingly painted picture of Russia from before the war (WWI), with all its decadency of the upper class, the misery of the poor, the biggest twist in Russian history on 2-hour celluloid, depicted by and transformed into the micro cosmos of a love story between Lara and her Dr. Schiwago. Kind of classical role models, of course; an end 60-ies style movie incarnation of an époque coming to an end with beautifully touching scenes, the discrimination of the poorest, the upraise of the beaten classes, the misery of post-revolution Russia. Endless tragedy and human pain encapsulated in the story of human love.

Lara is her name, a powerful woman, strong, symbolizing a new era which now already has vanished again, a short intermezzo, making place to post-post-revolution Russia.
Lara may rest in peace.

But I know for sure, Lara reincarnated to our “époque de révolution” might well wear Musc Ravageur (Editions de parfums Frederic Malle, by Maurice Roucel). She would wear it and Dr. Schiwago of our times would fall in love again.

I got my sample in the Parfumerie Oswald, one of the most inspiring places for me to be (and one which always results in money being converted to nose pleasures), given to me by charming Mr. Abt.
Spray it on a strip and it does wonders! A wonderful dense start reminding me of something edible, well…, apricots, peach maybe(I do not really know how they did it, but it is great), with hints of clary, elegant, but not snobby. It is a very short head note, straight away followed by beautiful animal tones, with perfectly matched balance between the beauty and the beast. So difficult to reach, but here I find it well done. A scent portfolio which is very present, dangling between musk, castoreum, with fine mossy tones, heavy and light at the same time, a little bit of smoky Taiga references in between, also hints of vanille, rendering the fragrance present. Feminine somehow, powdery a little bit, somewhat harsh may be, balanced for sure.
Lara of today would wear it, because it is powerful, enduring, and wild. And she can be sure:
Dr. Schiwago would remember her perfume in 30 years from now.


Blogger Heather said...

Not so sure I would waste beautiful perfume on Lara.

Dr Zhivago was married( and not to Lara) and I never found the film at all romantic once I saw his poor tear streaked wife - I think i would give my perfume up to her to cheer her up and tell her she was better off without the lying cheat.

Henbane and knats pee for Lara!!

Heather - who will have to think of a suitable heroine for you to give the perfume to!

6:51 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Well, Heather... maybe you are a little bit too tough on Lara...but you are right in the sense that Doctor's wife has deserved a treat: But I would still give Lara the musc ravageur. Maybe his wife might be in for La Rose, Edition Malle. It is a beautiful romantic scent, somewhat single-lined but in a certain sense it is true and honest.
And you know: The happiness of the one is the misery of the other. I was just identifying with the happy part in this story... andy maybe I am a helpless romantic.. It's time to see the movie again....Thank you for your comment. I so appreciate your feedback.

12:06 PM  

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