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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

L'instant pour homme, Guerlain

Yes, it is a great start, bummm! and there we are!

Powerful citrus, hints of grapefruit, slightly bitter and somewhat sweet. Not stingy at all, not citronellol-citrus type, likely with some bergamot, nicely balanced and very appealing. Traces of fresh green come up in between, but not the “freshly cut grass type” but rather something like grinded leaves of oak for instance. It reminds me somewhat in Spring, Dandelions?, it is hard to say. Overall it is a joyful start, clear in its line and straightforward.
-> Very well elaborated and a charming nose-catcher.

And soon after, in a quick turn, the next appearance on the stage: But oh my, what was before a enchanting colourful picture, sunny, balanced and cheerful turns into a canvas covered in beige, with intermingled grey-white abstract, non coherent forms. Without live and inspiration. Some cistus hints, traces of lilly-kind of flowers (slightly powdery) try to find their way through this ocean of fixo-bois stuff, which is dull, covering every corner. My personal impression: They did not dare to make any statement at all. Sure the marketing used a peer group of test customers featuring the average of averages, something like the mix you get if you go to see a blockbuster movie.

And then. Emptyness, fog and patchouli maybe, hidden, drowning in an endless ocean of bois de je ne sais pas quoi…
It is a mere disappointment and a sad storyline.
But there is something to learn here: The headnote is nice. And: Demand more. And: Trust nobody blindly. This, of course, is true for my judgment, too, therefore, get it and smell for yourself.


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