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Monday, May 08, 2006

Steaming Lilac

When I read the interview with Rene Laruelle on basenotes I couldn’t help but immediately found myself transformed back to our kitchen, some 35 years ago, peeling apples and baking apple pie with mom. Rene Laurelle mentiones cooking as one starting point for perfumery, a source of stimulation, the scent of spices being true inspiration, an interesting thought, indeed.

Well, I guess he did not think in making chicken nuggets and fries in the oven. The inspiration you can hope for from these fat soaked delights is rather minimal. Yesterday’s menu was nevertheless a full success. My little godfather girl loves me. Her love wasn’t diminished by my proposal that we should all go for a walk, down on the banks of the Limmat. Which we did, slowly moving from one flower to the other, sniffing and laughing about noses turning yellow, watching dogs jumping into cold water and three boys doing the same. They had our unconditional admiration; true heroes.
Thus, a lovely afternoon and a break from the perfumery routine, consisting of boxing perfume bottles. The evening ended with a glass of vine together with W. at Pascal’s who was very pleased to be stocked up again, after an exciting week with lots of customers visiting his shop and discovering my Moroccan fragrance babies. On our way home we passed by a steaming fragrant ocean, almost solidified waves of Lilac breaking over us, an orgiastic storm nourished ultimately by the need to reproduce, fragrant waves touching a yellow moon. The same moon saw me watching a black sky before going to bed. I saw star dust entering our atmosphere, vanishing in a line of light, and had a wish free.


Blogger Anya said...

Dear Andy -- the kitchen, the garden walk, the water, the sky -- all inspiration for the perfumer, even off duty ;-) Glad you had some time off, as did I yesterday, walking with a friend and his lovely daughter, smelling the peach-scented plumeria, the jasmines, and then cooking some Mexican food for dinner, replete with much cilantro leaf, an EO I intend to use in a perfume. I may combine it with the seed EO (coriander) also to see the marriage.

Ah -- and the stardust reference -- pure hippie!

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

What a lovely poetic ending to your post. I was almost there at your side as I read the magical words.

10:13 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Anya
Believe me: It was a special moment.. I have never seen a shooting star before, it was really touching somehow. and then... the Lilac really smells like crazy right now. Wonderful.

Dear Barry
the moment was magic, too! I was just the perfect ending for a wonderful day.

12:05 PM  

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