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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Paper strips

I must admit: I have an intimate relationship with my computer, we love each other and I couldn’t live without it anymore. Coming home in the evening, leaving my little office labtop for tomorrow, pressing the start button on my magic machine with its unique temperament, makes me feel good. My computer is, even with all its little things that do not work, a tool of creativity. I like to play in my excel perfume file, mixing fragrances in electronic space, and create perfumes that do not have to proof themselves in materialized form, yet. On the screen they always look perfect.

And I like to play with my photoshop, drawing pictures, adding text, line by line without having to worry about any mistakes. Every day it is a miracle again how this wonder box lets us create, byte by byte, from a galaxy of options, an electronic representation of ideas that originate from another wonder box, our brain. Finally, the bytes find their way on paper, using HP’s nanotechnology, electrons and magnetic spins being transferred into another universe, where their representation can be touched, used and thrown away.

This week’s representation: Smelling strips, printed on 224 gr/m2 soft paper, with a little lavender flower logo and some text. They are for the shop and for our event in December, replacing Kleenex or …..skin. The paper which originally is used for carbon drawings is quite good for this purpose; I have tested it before and it is a reasonable compromise between price and quality.
But, in contrary to the electronic world of my computer where you cut and paste with the click of a button, they come out of the printer in A4 sheets, 20 strips per page. Meaning: My manual paper cutter will turn hot in the coming days…. I just hope our happy customers will appreciate these hand crafted masterpieces, remembering me on Heather’s post on hand crafting things.

Maybe I should sign the paper strips on the back, with love from Andy and his magic computer……


Blogger katiedid said...

Wow, that's fancy. I am usually just pleased to see paper strips at all sometimes in some stores. What a lovely way to add a subtle extra layer to the experience of perfume shopping.

6:15 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

I am involved in the nanotech community, this is how I arrived to your post. I would be really excited if we could move directly to the electron capabilities, and have what equates to scratch and sniff computer screens, but without the scratch.

11:24 PM  

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