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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Soap opera

I love roses. And I adore the scent of rose flower absolute, my favourite being the Moroccan absolute (R. damascena) which I get from Liberty natural. And I dream of creating one of those days a rose scent for men. But so far, I found it a terrible difficult substrate to work with. Once I try to place it in the middle of a fragrance composition, trying to bring it into an abstraction and into a new form, this noble and elegant scent develops into something unnice. Cheap and not elegant at all. So far at least. A little bit like taking Hamlet, have a Hollywood writer work on it and bring it to the TV screens as soap opera for a couple of weeks on Monday evenings at 8 pm. Maybe the story’s still great, but the punch line is missing. So, where’s the problem? One: Hamlet is a masterpiece and it is very hard per se to bring it into a new (media) form without completely destroying it. Two: The story writer is not up to it. Three: There is something disturbing hidden within Hamlet which shows itself once you peel the story and transform it by setting a different accent. I definitively have to work on that one…

And then finally: I look forward to post some comments to Heather's blog, the soap blog. The title of my blog note here, by the way, has nothing to do with her blog! Her blog is interesting, thrilling to me and I have downloaded a lot of files on my portable computer to do some reading in the train....


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