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Friday, August 19, 2005

Samples and shoes

A busy day today. Of course, I was working to earn my money and also because I like to be engaged in what I am doing. There is some sense to my daily job, indeed.
And then I made a lot of samples for Le Maroc pour elle, which in itself is not that exiting but on the other hand: I always image how many happy sample customers will end up enjoying this excellent perfume. And I bought shoes... 3 pairs which always is lots of fun.
The problem with the sample: It is a lot of hand work. Cutting printouts, folding papier, glueing things together, label the little glass vials of 2 ml, filling them and putting them into the samling package. In the end, I am at about 30 samples per hour which is not really good enough for mass production. The picture you see on the top of this post, by the way, is the front and the back of the sample. So far, we only gave away samples in the store, but who knows... maybe it is time to...
Anybody who cares for a sample: Send me a mail with your address and we will send you a sample. But, please, allow us some time to get them ready :-)


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