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Monday, September 19, 2005

Dances with bees

The weekend is over and regeneration took place, partially by being active, partially also by retreating and thinking. One line of thinking was on the perfume industry as mirrored in shops around the world. It is an industry for the masses, aggressively bombarding undecided consumers with their messages. This war for consumer’s money is fought seemingly everywhere. No way to avoid the orchid nebula of industry’s newest creations when entering the big shops. If you want to get around this exchangeable flower-power for the masses you cannot but flee as fast as you can. Run away home, where in the weekend editions of your favourite news paper you will find pages of out-of-this-world beauties, artificially arranged human beings looking right into your eyes, whispering promises of being beautiful and adorable. People in marketing say selling perfumes is selling dreams. True, rightfully as we all deserve dreams, but behind all this magic there must be the seeds of truth; which I often miss. So we run away, clear our head filled up with promises that do not hold. I did on Sunday, peacefully jogging, creating scent castles in my mind, mixing in imagination what will later be tried in the real world. Like the Cistus, Lavender, Cedar arrangement as alternative scenario for my leather theme. Sometimes, however, the real world comes in very fast: A bee, (-> bad, bad, very bad bee) was bringing my imaginative perfume building to a fast end. Trapped between my head (turning into shooting ground for bad bee) and my glasses, this poor animal fought for its life, successfully. I survived, too, with some minor wounds

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Blogger katiedid said...

Yikes! The bee was caught behind your glasses?!

I think there's a grain of truth to that adage that selling perfumes is selling dreams. But I have a hard time
buying into the ones the advertisers put before us in the magazines and papers. When I smell something
I like, it does conjur up vague imagery and emotions in me, and what is that if not an ephemeral waking daydream. But so frequently, the advertising and marketing images are ones that leave me bored mostly. Not all, though.

5:53 PM  
Blogger andy said...

between me and the frame of my glasses. So, it hit me (luckily enough)there. No trouble...I am fine.

and: yep.... you are right. Maybe the advertisers & marketing crews should be kept on shorter leash...

9:48 PM  
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