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Sunday, September 11, 2005

every schallalala, yesterday once more

Listening to the Carpenters, „Yesterday once more“ which fits perfectly: Looking back to this weekends work on the leather issue. Once more, I was trying to find my way to the ideal, the perfect, the absolute abstraction of a vision in my head. And, with all modesty, I advanced quite a bit (schubidu…). Still not being there yet, but at least a couple of hills we have climbed and the view gets clear. Joyfully we shall move on, but first: Time for picnic!

During my thinking about the fragrance to be created I focused on three narrative lines: One spicy line, one being woody and one being a leathery contour line going through. The problem is: It is a very, very narrow path to walk. I never thought it would turn out to be so difficult.

The breakthrough was probably to reconsider the woody line: Myrrh being one key element now in combination with Methylcedrylketone and Vetiverylacetat as well as Cedarwood (Texas variety). Leading to a brilliant, dry, powerful woody line with spicy, saffron-like, and warm undertones. Nice about the Cedarwood here is its vibrant tone, which fits perfectly with the somewhat powdery story of Myrrh.

The spicy aspects of Methylcedrylketone are reflected by a touch of Cardamon, Corriander (which is enhanced by Bulgarian Lavender, some Neroli, decenal (4-trans) to add freshness, and softened by Bergamot). The spices are continued deep into the heart with Ethylcinnamate, taken over by methylcedrylketone. Oakmoss carries the wood story line further into a leather tone, together with Birchtar, Cresylacetat, Castoreum (synthetic reconstitution) and a touch of Amber (ambroxide). Quite a lot of alpha Irisone holds the woody and leather part together, bringing in some vibration, as does the amber.

So, there we are. Once again enthusiastically awaiting the result of a 10% dilution. A first trial dilution yesterday was promising but a detailed analysis will have to follow.


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